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We love to relay our experience of 20 years churchleadership and to help other churches to grow and develope.

Konrad & Andrea Blaser, Pastors of HOPE & LIFE CHURCH
Which benefits are you receiving if you join HOPE & LIFE Network?
  • At least 1 meeting per year with all the Network Pastors.
  • Access to all multimedia resources.
  • Stay in contact with different leaders and pastors and to ask all your questions.
  • Free example of Konrad Blasers new book and 10% sale to all other books of our church.
  • To gain insight in the organisation and vision by all the conferences.
  • To have the opportunity that HOPE & LIFE CHURCH is organizing in your own church a Night of Hope.
To join HOPE & LIFE Network you can fill out the following form. We are excited about your application and you will hear from us. The yearly Network amount is CHF 100.– .
Network Registration